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Jul 4, 2011 6:00pm PDT
especially -- projections about poland's role in the eu are changining, especially wh the eu presidcy >>y pe is during the eu presidency, we will not be occupied with their own problems. i hope we take all ofeupe in aount and do a good job. >> the european union fell financial crisis will be t the focus of poland for l e u esen. even though it cannot be expected to fix all the problems, it does hope to offer some solutions. there are many youn poles who are enthusiastic supporters of the european union. >> all right, l' csswires to our correspondent in brusls. thank you for being with us. as we heard, copland is takin erheu presidency -- poland is taking over the eu presidency and a very turbulent time. in the six month available, ey cannot do an awful lot. this is a csi w bonthe scope of one eu presidency, quite honestly. there is not a lot they can do. not least because there are several single currency unie think all poland can do is keep a steady ship, but as we know, there are osi fce at work here on the economic crisis. the problems of the eu are just one part. do not cross yourinrsoo
Jul 1, 2011 6:00pm PDT
later. poland has taken over the rotating presidency of the eu for the first time since joining seven years ago. poland has set a wide-ranging goals for the next six months, wanting to introduce a unified energy policy, stimulate the economy, and make food safer within the eu. >> a sword was drawn. it was symbolic. the polish prime minister assumed the mantle of the eu presidency. his predecessor proved controversial. nowow, donald as vowing to make solidarity his goal. he admits the coming months are crucial as the eu faces an uncertain financial future. >> we want to implement the basic lalaw th calls for a budget that is truly unified in nature. it must not be the outcome o ofa relentless struggle between national interests. >> poland says it supports the dui deal and hopes to have a renewed sense of optimism. warsaw -- supports the eu deal and hopes to have a renewed sense of optimism. >> with economic growth, with political growth, the political energy and commitment to our project, and enthusiasm that poland brings to the union, this puts poland in a strong position to push forw
Jul 19, 2011 6:00pm PDT
are anxiously waiting for the present results of the eu's summit. -- waiting for the results of the eu's summit. >> the dax finished up by 1.2%. the euro stoxx 50 also clocking gains, finishing at 2,657. in new york, the dow trading higher, 12,571. and on currency markets, the euro also enjoying some nice gains against other major currencies. $1.41. the european commission wants the 27 eu member states to find a solution to the nuclear waste disposal of the block. above all, permanent storage facilities are needed, and until now, they have largely ignored the problem. >> radioactive waste is stored at some controversial sites, but there are no permanent sense company there in germany, nor in the rest of the eu. -- there are no permanent disposal sites in germany, nor in the rest of the year. >> member states should present us with a comprehensive plan on how they will deal with the permanent storage of their nuclear waste. >> so far, only finland, france, in sweden have vowed to complete permanent storage sites within so many years -- and sweden have vowed to complete permanent storage sites. a
Jul 20, 2011 6:30pm PDT
that has a strong european perspective. >> the government of serbia hopes they will be considered for eu membership. with goran hadzic soon behind bars, a dark chapter in european history will be at an end. >> 3 million people could soon starve to death in somalia. the u.n. says there is famine in the south of the country. the u.n. agencies have appealed to the rebels to allow free passage for food shipments. tens of thousands of somalis have fled to a refugee camp in kenya. >> of this woman has walked 3,000 kilometers with her 8 children. in search of food, they have arrived at this refugee camp in kenya. mary robinson, the former irish president, would like the world to see the plight of this woman and the tens of thousands like her. >> i have never been able to get somalia out of my skin, if you like, since i was here in 1992. i look around and see that these are very resilient people. they just want food and water initially for their families. >> aid organizations said that thing should never have been allowed to get this bad. -- say that this should have never been allowed to get th
Jul 1, 2011 5:00am EDT
are falling big business stories today. 17 e.u. finance ministers went, whew -- we have some time. >> greece lived through with their promise that they would pass austerity measures. the eu finance ministers will be discussing the next bailout. this tide's greece over. they are held over until september. the next big bailout will carry them through until 2014. greece cannot return to the money market. the amount of interest to investors are demanding on greek that is unsustainable for greece. we have been saying this all this week. at the end of the day, this is just buying time for the european union to shore up its own family, to shore up the banking system within europe, recapitalize those banks so if greece goes down the default path, they can do it with structure. >> south korea. >> trade kicks off today. this is the first free trade for the you. it is important for both sides. we are talking about $1 billion between -- trade between the two. this is what happens when you sign a free-trade agreement. for the eu, it opens up south korea in terms of regulation. it will be beneficial for y
Jul 18, 2011 6:00pm PDT
of potential civil war in the country. >> syria was top of the agenda in brussels today. eu foreign ministers pressured the president assad to reform or step down as they threaten yet more sanctions. in syria, the violence continues to escalate. this amateur video cannot be verified but reportedly shows them shooting at demonstrators over the weekend. the regime continues to rally supporters. syrian opposition groups are accusing the you of doing nothing to help, but a foreign- policy chief says that they are doing all they can. >> i think it is doing exactly what it should do. we have a delegation still on the ground. they are working with local people and talking to as many people as they possibly can. >> brussels is also looking at ways to isolate the president and his regime. >> we have already imposed two sets of sanctions, but now we're looking at ways to increase political pressures and also to bring about an international consensus. that is the purpose of my meeting with the russian minister. >> the protection of human rights in syria is primarily a matter for the arab league, so the
Jul 24, 2011 10:00pm EDT
it for a brigade we can do it for three brigades. the east -- the e.u. has just approved the 28 commission it is called e.u. f. collor libya to make the political decision to set up a level you are ready to go as a commander appointed and funded for three months and waiting for the when they get the call and put in a battalion into libya. we have not cover that as much as we should. this is part of what i was doing there and once i really understood what was happening i said one of my standard questions became a as you can handle the security of europe on your own now? right? the answer would always be yes. one of my editorials a couple of weeks ago was to the fact libya gives america the ideal opportunity to give the political will. i think this strategic trans-atlantic equation has not been calibrated since the second world war. there probably will never be a european army but as we have seen in some of the missions there is a very strong army of europeans. i would submit that is what it would be for quite a while. the whole canard about they don't fight and they don't negotiate talking
Jul 6, 2011 6:00pm PDT
with the national budget. the deficit is falling. the measure between the eu and imf cannot be assessed properly. the rating agencies' comments are somewhat inappropriate. >> lisbon has received a 78 billion euro rescue package from the eu and imf. in return, they must cut their annual deficit from 9.1% of gdp to 3% by 2013. the european commission believes that the portuguese plan will be successful. >> with all due respect to that specific rating agency, our institutions know the situation a little bit better. our analysis is more refined and complete. there is no reason to be distracted if we stick to the considerations. growth will return. >> rating agencies to not reveal how they reach their conclusions. markets around the world listen carefully to what they say. >> onto wednesday's market action in european shares struggled as investors reacted to mixed messages on credit ratings and the validity of fresh downgrades. our correspondent gave us this summary of the trading in frankfurt. critics here on the floor say that rating agencies have been wrong too many times to have such power. >> on
Jul 14, 2011 6:00pm PDT
their assessment just one day after moody's downgraded irish that -- debt. officials from the eu, imf, and ec be have been in ireland checking if the government is worthy of receiving the next installment of its $85 -- its 85 billion euro bailout. ireland had been making good progress and there is no target unmet. the downplayed moody's decision to downplay irish debt. >> it is worth pointing out that rating agencies have got it wrong on the upside during boom times by underestimating the risks. it is entirely possible that are getting it wrong on the downside by overestimating the risks. >> dublin was granted the bailout when its banking and fiscal crisis threaten to destabilize the europe. if the current program is to stay on track, dublin will have to cut at least 3.6 billion euros from next year's budget. italy is also trying to fight its massive debt. >> sweeping austerity measures have won the initial approval of parliament as part of urgent moves to reduce their huge debt. senators approved the 47 billion euro for your package by a comfortable margin. the lower house is expected to pas
Jul 1, 2011 1:00am PDT
. hi, paula. one thing i was really interested to find out, when doing research on this, is that the e.u. is south korea's second biggest trading partner after china. this deal could be really important for it, couldn't it? >> reporter: absolutely. this deal here in south korea is being hailed as the best deal, the biggest deal that's ever been done, and politicians and economists alike want this to be the model if you like for any future free trade agreement. there are a few with other countries in the pipeline. it is being hailed as a success here. now the deal is expected to reduce tariffs by 96% on all e.u. imports to korea. and when it comes to korean imports to e.u., that's expected to drop by 99% over the next three years. so it took four years to come about. it was started in 2007. and it does come into effect today. and consumers here in south korea are hoping that they are going to see some of the benefits. wine is the most civilized thing in the world. american author ernest hemmingway once said. this wine club in seoul would agree. but the high cost of an import is a taste fo
Jul 6, 2011 1:00am PDT
." >>> china is facing censure over the export quotas. we'll find out why the eu and the u.s. and mexico have banded together to take on beijing. >>> welcome back. this is "world business today" live on cnn. china is in hot water with the world business trade organizations. chinese quotas on several raw materials exports are illegal. that follows a complaint from the european union, the united states and also mexico. they've been alleging those limits gave chinese companies an unfair advantage when it came to sourcing those raw materials. our business analyst has more. what kind of raw materials are we talking about here? >> yeah, we're talking about nine raw materials that china exports, and they're used mainly by steel and chemical firms. they're also used to make thicks we use every day. boxite is important for things like soda cans. without silicon metal we wouldn't have much in the way of electronics. it's the base material for semiconductors and the micro chips we have in computers. also another raw material is yellow phosphorous. it's used in things from fire retardants to pesticides a
Jul 4, 2011 7:00pm PDT
women, mothers with infants and children 5 or younger. the commission said the eu and the wfp will check delivery at every stage and visit distribution sites, hospitals, childcare facilities and households. it also said that it would not hesitate to end humanitarian aid if it discovers the food is being diverted from its intended recipients. eu experts traveled to north korea in june to examine the seriousness of the food situation. they confirmed that north kor n koreans are receiving only 20% of the necessary daily nutrition from state distribution systems. >>> indonesian nurses and caregivers are heading to japan to prepare for examinations to quality to work in the country. the candidates were invited to a send off party at the japanese embassy in jakarta on monday. >> japan has been accepting indonesian nurses and caregivers for four years. 105 will enter the program this year. the indonesian government said three applicants withdrew after the march 11 disaster in japan. but it also said many more are determined to join the program, despite opposition from their family members. >>
Jul 11, 2011 6:00pm PDT
crisis. >> could we see eu action against u.s. ratings agencies, which have been described as a cartel by the european ratings commissioner? >> you could. everyone here is furious that the u.s. is passing judgment. they say it is time there was a european credit agency, overdue. but that is not an overnight solution. that will take months, if not longer. >> thanks ever so much. to satisfy banks and other lenders, the greek government's massive cutbacks in all areas of life as well as the sell-off of some of the nation's infrastructure has yet to stabilize the country's finances. italy's economy is more than twice the size of the combined economies of greece, ireland, and portugal. a financial crisis there could have widespread repercussions throughout the eurozone. here's a look at how italians feel about the developments in their country. >> from athens to rome, worries are growing that italy could be the next country to be drawn into europe's debt crisis. newspapers speak of days of fear. people on the street say they know where the blame lies. >> we are rapidly approaching a situati
Jul 12, 2011 6:00pm PDT
now and the eu itself is to blame by expressing concern about italy. that was an open invitation to the speculators. >> what annoys analysts is the lack of consistency from brussels. one day they categorically rule out any debt default. the next day, it is back on the agenda. >> what we need is a clear and final signal to creditors that there will not be any default on debt. that is the only way we will be able to get on top of the problems we have increased and the dangers of other countries being infected as well. >> instead, the politicians say they're not ruling out a selective defaults. the european council president visiting madrid on tuesday would only say that another emergency summit might take place before the week is out. >> there was some good news at least, pimco is using the option of the italian debt to increase their holdings and they have said that italy is not in the same boat as greece and the market's response positive to italy. we got this report on the day's trading session. italy successfully borrow 6.8 billion euros of new debt on the money market. the yie
Jul 1, 2011 6:00pm PDT
. poland has taken over the rotating presidency of the european union for the first time. polish and e.u. leaders met in warsaw to celebrate the event, striking a markedly positive note despite the economic crisis in many parts of europe. poland wants to strengthen the single market and perez ahead -- press ahead with enlargements. >> there's been pressure little joy for europe's leaders in recent weeks, with greece's economic problems taking upmost of their attention. there are few signs of doubts about the european project in warsaw. >> standing firmly on its feet and raising its head high, because poles never doubted the point of the european union. even in times of crisis. and the world seized it. >> signs of gratitude too from europe's leaders. pleased, perhaps, to find a country where support for e.u. membership stands at 80%. >> i count on you, mr. prime minister and your government and the polish people to move us forward in the construction of europe. i wish you a very successful presidency. >> just the day before, protests on warsaw's streets. poland enjoyed economic growth, ab
Jul 1, 2011 7:00am EDT
the nation to 28 billion euros of spending cuts and tax raises in the next five years and allows the eu and the imf to dispense more cash. but further efforts to convince existing investors to stay on board has won the agreement of germany's big banks and insurers. nigel has the details. >> while greece counts the cost of its austerity measures, the lenders are on notice they also will have to shoulder some of the financial damage. the next bailout expects the biggest foreign holders, notably france and germany, the chip in by rolling over their loans. germany's institutions confirmed they will help to the tune of 3 billion euros. k chief has been working on a plan. >> we are taking the french bases of a model of building and modifications. we hope we will find a satisfactory solution for all the parties involved. >> this market watcher says the aim is to delay a greek default until europe can cope with the better. >> if there was a default, does it mean there will be a run on french banks or german banks will need to be recapitalized? the problem politicians have is they have to please
Jul 6, 2011 5:00am EDT
a matter of catching criminals. >> in relation to e.u. law and the international obligations. and of course we will carry out the control and implement it in a way that's in corns with the e.u. law and international obligations. but critics say it's a matter to please the countries andos on who supports the danger on which the government depends. at the border, protesters agree. >> we are against the european idea which is a borderless europe. that's what we have been working toward citizens second world war. >> here the position is it is simply a matter about crime and border it's. outside denmark there's a perception of an increasingly -- over the bailout to greece and now over borders. increasingly, it seems like a european union of increasing disunion. 6 steven evans. "bbc news," berlin. >> to the headlines on "bbc world news." the british parliament has called a rare, emergency debate about the phone hacking allegedly used by a newspaper owned by media international. concerns grow that portugal may need a second bailout after their debt rating is reduced to junk status. >> 179 people a
Jul 18, 2011 12:00am EDT
's been made according to that criteria. we are now looking at all of the eu rules and procurement rules to see if we can change and make better for the future issues like this. >> will the prime minister join me in calling for the lek -- electrify indication of the railway line and link us to the much needed high speed too? >> i'm well aware of the campaign. i remember spending a lot of time at the station during the last parliament, normally accompanied by people dressed in top hats and tails. i seem to remember. seems my colleague will remember that. it's not in the current problem. we'll look sympathetically. we want to see more railway lines in the country. >> thank you, mr. speaker. his government said that university tuition fees would average 7500, in actual they average 8500. how can he justify over the parliament? >> first of all, there are only nine universities charging 9,000. there are 57 that won't charge 9,000 for any. 108 out of 124 will charge less than 6,000 for all of their courses. the point i'd make is this, university degrees have not suddenly started costs 7, 8, ob
Jul 21, 2011 1:00am PDT
'm mow neelt to rajpal from cnn london. here are the headlines at this hour. e.u. leaders are under pressure to finalize a second bailout for greece and keep the debt crisis from spreading to other economies. france and germany have reached an agreement on terms of a deal which they will be presentinglating today. >>> the united nations has declared a famine in parts of somalia. nearly 4 million people, half of the population, are affected by the crisis, by drought, poverty and violence. half of the camps are fled to ethiopia and kenya. >>> a man who was accused of strangling a woman, has been sent to prison. her killer went to extraordinary lengths to avoid arrest for more than two years, altering his face through cosmetic surgery. >>> the space shuttle "atlantis" is about two hours from landing at the kennedy space station. the crew will fire the engines to re-enter the atmosphere and end america's 30-year shuttle program. those are the headlines from cnn. i'm monita rajpal. "world business today" starts right now. >> a warm welcome to "world business today." >> these are the top
Jul 19, 2011 1:00am PDT
. >>> let's turn to the markets on unresolved debt problems in the united states and also in the eu meant a weak session in asia but it does seem in the first 60 minutes of trading here in europe we could see a bit of optimism returning to some of the markets. european stock markets are for the most part in positive territory and recovering to the tune of 1.4% are the dax is rising the most. we saw the same percentage scale yesterday and the cac 40 up 0.8%. ftse not up by much. >> we shot up shot in terms of trading in asia. the ongoing debt problems in the u.s. and the eu very much rattling the regions investors. looking at the numbers, you can tell by the losses no one's happy about this fact that we're in limbo really, certainly on the debt, and people are unhappy with the stress test going on in europe, they think they're too soft. there are the numbers, a push up for the hang seng, others are down, financial stocks some of the biggest losers. >> tuesday session could start on the other side of the atlantic. the u.s. futures markets are pointing to a higher open for the markets with t
Jul 24, 2011 11:00am EDT
said, you know, if we could do it for a brigade we can do it for three brigades. the eu has just approved the 28 commission, the 28 mission. guess where that mission is approved for? it is called eufor libya. one week ago they made the political decision in brussels to set up a battalion level, a thousand people, 1200 people, ready to go. a commander appointed, funded for three months and is waiting for the un to ask. they get that call, they put a battalion into libya. we have not covered that as much as we should. so, again, this was all part of the research that i was doing, and i was talking to people. one side really understood what was happening. i said, one of my standard questions became to almost every general, look, you can handle the security of europe on their own now, right? and the answer would always be yes, if we had the political will, if we had the political will. and so i -- one of my editorials the couple of weeks ago is to the effect that libya it gives america the ideal opportunity to let europe get its political will. i think that this strategic security eq
Jul 15, 2011 4:00am EDT
the fourth euro nation if it were to do so to request one from the imf, the eu and also the ecb. this was the scene just yesterday as lawmakers approved a four year, $57 billion austerity plan. the lower house is expected to adopt some of these measures later on today. and newspapers have been having quite a field day with this situation. let me show you the front page of one of the newspapers owned by the prime minister berlusconi. they're on the bow of the titanic as that fated ship sinks. this is in reference to a comment made yesterday saying the situation of the country finds itself in at the moment is akin to the sinking of the titanic and not everyone the first class passengers are safe. >> you can always count on him for a very colorful sound bite. and another metaphor, the iceberg is all that debt under the surface. meanwhile time is running out to raise the u.s. debt ceiling. lawmakers are still at odds. another warning about a possible downgrade of u.s. debt. this time from standard and poors, has raised the stakes even higher with no compromise on either side, the u.
Jul 15, 2011 6:00pm PDT
is asked to take the risks of a bank. >> the european union president says eu nations will hold a summit next thursday to discuss eighaid for greece. italy is facing a $28 billion austerity program. the program includes a mix of spending cuts and tax increases. the government needed to avoid a full-scale financial crisis. >> prime minister silvio british colony says he slept at his head over night. -- the italian prime minister says he slipped on his head over night. there is a package that includes tax hikes. some wages will be frozen and health care costs are set to decline. italians have mixed views about the measure. >> there are so many big problems, especially in my age group. we have to rethink the entire system. >> with this austerity program, when is our economy going to grow again? this economy will never grow again. >> some economists say the measures will dampen growth. something had to be done. it today's overall debt is among the highest in europe. markets will keep a close eye on the country until the austerity measures start showing results. >> european stocks slid on a f
Jul 12, 2011 6:00pm PDT
the terms of eu loans to make it cheaper for them to pay off their debts. there are serious disagreements within europe about how to help greece and all the while, other countries are getting dragged into the crisis. >> violence has spread for a third night. bombs and missiles have been thrown at police officers. officers responded by using water cannons. the security lapse in afghanistan with tragic consequences. what more can you tell us? >> he was regarded as one of the powerful politicians and the country. his death has raised new fears about instability ahead of the handover to afghan forces. the white house has condemned the killing. " he described himself as the most powerful man in southern afghanistan. few disagreed. ahmad wali karzai was a controversial figure. he said that he added spice to afghan life great the roads to the compound were closed. the president's half brother lived under the tightest security, only the most trusted could get close. the head of personal protection it aroused no suspicion. without saying a word, he shot him twice. >> he said, this morning, my youn
Jul 12, 2011 5:00am EDT
the eurrpean debt crisis is - spreading.(takeevo) e-u officcals holding aa emergency meeting on worries italy ... had investors bailing out of stocks bbg time ... but closinggofffthe lows of the -3 seesion. meantime, fter p seconn quarter eernings rising from laat yeaa.. sales comingg i above - expeccations.. soaring & aluuinum priccs also helping the bottom line. nessle strikinn a swwet deal... aareeing to ppy one pointt seeen billion dollars ffr a 3 biggest candy maker. it's one of thh largest deals ever by a foreign ompany in cchna. and t eeps america runningg.. now -3 dunkin' brands is running to - raiseemoney.. the parent - compann of the donut and an initiallpublic stocc offering.i t'sslooking to raise as much as 460 million dollars...pricing 22 million shares at 16 tt 188 dollars each.(oo cam) 3 coming upp.. 3 pte sun is barely up... and it's already scorching hot! find out jjst how hot the mercury will go.. next... 3
Jul 24, 2011 10:00am EDT
, in the second half of 2012, the presidency of the eu will be based right here in cyprus? does it help? >> correct. it does, i believe. we would be very happy if the cyprus situation was resolved before then. >> possibility? but it is not unlikely -- >> it is not unlikely. different civilizations and different cultures can move together into a small, but modest state, where the problems of the past can be set aside. -- aside for the benfit of the new and coming generations. -- benefit of the new and coming generations. "this is america" is made possible by the national education association, the nation's largest advocate for children and public education. the american federation of teachers, a union of professionals. the singapore tourism board. there is sryve e everyone. singapore airlines, a great way to fly. poongsan corporation, forging a higher global standard. and the rotondaro family trust, the ctc foundation, afo communications, and the american life tv network. captioned by the national captioning institute
Jul 11, 2011 4:00am EDT
be looking for out of the meeting over the next day or two of eu finance ministers? what would they say that would reassure markets? >> well, i think, you know, if you look at this week, there needs to be a really convincing incredible story from the eu, and one of the things that is crucially important is that they somehow succeed in speaking with one voice. so what's clear and visible to politicians, for example, how to deal with this crisis, debt gap needs to be out. that could create more clarity and transparency. transparency is really a key dynamic, so if they are tough, if they are really providing a lot of information for investors to clear out the uncertainty in the financial sector in europe, that could also help. >> let's look at the earnings season which will kick off with alcoa in just a few hours time. what are we expecting out of that earnings season because i've seen suggests that we might see 13% growth, but this would be low and would not presumably support any progress in stock valuations going forward. >> yeah. thing there is a concern for us as well. i mean, of cour
Jul 12, 2011 4:00am EDT
for the greece and portugal line. it gives the impression the eu is unable to keep up with the pace of events, things are changing so rapidly. >> it's also about politics. the people who ought to be in the driving seat, if nothing else they're charged with protecting the currency is the ecb. where do they stand with this? >> the eu central bank is partial to default for greece. it confirmed its position that a credit event should be avoided. that is weaker language than we've heard before. normally the ecb's finance position is backed up. let's put this into context. we've got this slightly wishy-washy statement. prime minister papandreou asked for the euro group to address fundamental problems head on. we have barclay's calling greece insolvent. this statement doesn't go nearly enough to address the issues. >> where do we go from here? what are the moves? so many ideas up there. christine lagarde talking. the ecb putting out. euro group statement. people don't know where to term. >> exactly reuters reporting euro group in july might come up with a partial debt restructuring in greece but tod
Jul 5, 2011 7:00pm PDT
the u.s. and the eu filed a complaint with the wto that china is unfairly imposing quotas and export duties on some metals. it referred to manganese, bauxite, and magnesium. china contended controls are needed to protect limited natural resours. a wto panel rejected china's argument in a report on tuesday, saying the country's export restrictions on these materials are inconsistent with wto rules. u.s. trade representative ron kirk welcomed the ruling, calling it a significant victory for manufacturers and workers in the united states and the rest of the world. he added that china's extensive use of export restraints for protectionist economic gain is deeply troubling. >>> a japanese government official has also welcomed the decision, adding that the country will closely watch the next move by china. china has not officially responded to the ruling, although it can appeal the decision. china has maintained that its export policy for rare metals is in line with wto rules. >>> in beijing, an accident involving a subway station escalator has killed one person and injured 28 others. chin
Jul 6, 2011 7:00pm PDT
critical remark at the eu commission on wednesday. he said the move by moody's adds another speculative element to the debt situation. portugal is the second sovereign debt issuer in the euro zone to be rated below investment grade after greece. the country has been taking austerity measures to reconstruct its budget. in may eurozone countries decided to provide funds to bail out the country. the eu is now on guard against any further moves by rating agencies as more downgrades may spark fresh worries. >>> and news just in. japan's core private sector machinery orders were up in may. that is the first increase in two months on a month on-month basis. the cabinet office said on thursday that major machinery makers received about 733 billion yen, or over $9 billion worth of domestic orders. that's up 3% from april. the figure excludes machinery for ships and power plants. >>> and now let's get a check on the markets. the dow snapped back into the positive, sidestepping data which showed a slight contraction in services ism for june, but to see how markets are trading here this thursday mo
Jul 6, 2011 2:00am EDT
to another state of the you. -- of the eu, it was put in place in response to 9/11. to extradite terrorists. it introduced the concept of mutual recognition. this is a feel-good phrase that one state mutually recognizes any other state in the eu. what it seems to be talking about, if you think about it, given the realities, a mutual recognition of the elite in each country in the eu. it is a method of being at peace. each country has made a tribute -- treaty with each other to recognize each other and to not complained about the behavior. you might say, okay, we have justice systems in various countries, yet they vary in all sorts of ways. some are worse, depending on your value system. we have sunk so low that it is not even like that anymore. the european arrest one talks -- warrant talks about about the mutual recognition of judicial authority. it has permitted each country to define what they call a judicial authority. sweden has chosen to call policemen and prosecutors judicial authority. the whole basis of this term being used in the original introduction of the european arrest warran
Jul 9, 2011 10:00am EDT
and that arrest warrant system to extra dite from one state toft e. u.s. to another state of the e.u. was put in place in response to 9/11 to have fast contradiction of trashtses. and it introduced this concept or rather recycled a european union concept of mutual recognition. this is sort of a very feel good phrase that one state in the eu mutually recognizes another state and that sunk down into mute tl recognition between the -- one court in the e.u. to another court in the e.u. but actually what it seems to be talking about if you think about it given the reality that three people a day are extradicted from this country to the rest of europe is a mutual recognition of the elite in each country in the eu. it is a method of being at peace so the elites in each country in the e.u. has if you like made literally a treaty with each other to recognize each other and to not complain about the behavior. now, you might say that well, ok, we have justice systems in the eu in various countries. yes they vary in all sorts of ways. some are better, some are worse depending on your value system. but we
Jul 4, 2011 2:00pm EDT
is not yet moved to this point. germany is still sorting through the wreckage of the e.u. and trying to figure out which way it's going to go. i suspect that it has stronger interests with russia at the moment. in the long run there was a reason soviet union collapsed. that reason hasn't gone away. so if i look out longer, i see those reasons there and see another weakness. but in the short run, given the state of the e.u., given the state of russia relative to the e.u., given the situation in the former soviet income especially given the massive preoccupation of the united states. as opposed to europe, this is an opportunity for russia to try to stabilize itself and it is doing fairly well. >> host: let's talk about the middle east. what does the middle east tell us about the perils of forecasting and the dangers of accepting what we think is the >> guest: we have to define the middle east which is a very vague term. we speak about the area the united states is engaged in, i think about the mediterranean, from israel over. this is very different from north africa. >> host: the great
Jun 30, 2011 6:00pm PDT
their problems with funds from the eu. >> as recommended, german banks are stepping in to help greece. >> it is all about trying to avoid a financial meltdown in greece which is spread to other euros own nations and affect other nations like germany, of course. the german banks have reached a deal with finance officials to share the burden of a second greek bailout. the government has repeatedly insisted that private investors make a contribution. the finance minister welcomed the announcement which means that the latest bailout will not be borne by taxpayers alone. the commercial banks are said to voluntarily rollover 3.2 euros of greek debt. they had categorically rejected such a plan only a few weeks ago. >> we have gone the banks to participate. i'm confident that this will have a solution on sunday. >> details are still being negotiated. deutsche bank's boss says that the banks will be using a model announced by several french banks as the basis for their participation. that means rolling over 70% of the debt into new sovereign bonds. >> the jobs boom in germany is about to enter
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